Sunshine Ladies

The purpose of our ladies group is to glorify God through our planned activities and events.  We want to encourage and equip women to pursue a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We seek to serve our church and reach out into our community to spread God’s love.  We desire to create a fellowship of women that serves others with compassion, and to love others with a spirit of grace and forgiveness.  We meet on the 2nd Sunday every month for a time of prayer and devotion and look for ways to reach out in our community.

LRBC Men’s Fellowship

The LRBC Men’s Fellowship have the following goals:

  1. That we might be a blessing and encouragement to our brothers in the Lord that we are in contact with and reach the lost for the Lord Jesus.
  2. To teach Scripture from a standpoint so that we would know why and what we believe as Christians.
  3. To know our enemy and use the weapons of prayer, the Word of God, and the precious blood against this enemy of truth and light.  We aren’t fighting         against Flesh and Blood!
  4. That we might have the Word of God hidden in our hearts to withstand the fiery darts of Satan and to ward off the World, Flesh, and the Devil!
  5. It is a joy and privilege to serve the Lord anyway we can!  He has don so much for us!

The LRBC Men’s Fellowship typically meet for Breakfast and devotional study on the second Saturdays after the first each month.

Kid/Youth Ministry

The mission of the Youth Program at LRBC is to use the Bible and the youth leader’s christian experience to do as the Bible says which is to train up a child in the way they should go.  The mission of our leaders is to see souls saved and to provide guidance and support to kids while providing a fun and friendly atmosphere.  Age range from the nursery through high school.

Van Ministry

The LRBC Van Ministry is a driving force behind the growth of our church. Church membership and the youth program have grown steadily for several years. The Van Ministry has been a major factor in transporting members. If you are interested in serving in the Van Ministry, please see Pastor Ron.

Youth Missions

Youth Group ministry of Lawsonville Road Baptist Church has as its purpose to communicate and share God’s love to those in the church family, and to those outside the church. The assumption behind the activities sponsored by this ministry is that they exist for the purpose of serving, not being served; giving, not receiving.

70+ Senior Men’s Fellowship and Bible Study

PURPOSE: To identify and seek to minister to the spiritual, physical, and life’s needs of our senior men of the church through Christian fellowship.  To identify, appreciate, and understand the unique place of responsibility we have in our family, church, and community.

FAMILY:  ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord’  We have continued influence on all of our family by maintaining a testimony of how God has blessed us and we are to lead our family in praise.

CHURCH:  To be found faithful in attendance.  To pray daily for our Pastor, Asst. Pastor, leaders and workers in the ministry of our church.  To always conduct ourselves in a way that honors God and promotes love and harmony within the church family.

COMMUNITY:  To be found blameless in our civic duties.  To obey the law and promote patriotism and love for our country.  To pray for all government officials daily.  To look upon our community as the ‘mission field’ God has placed us in and to be willing to share His Word.

OPPORTUNITIES:  Working together in whatever ministry God leads us.  To have biblical convictions and show our family, church and community ‘what saith the Lord’ and the blessings that comes with obedience.

BLESSINGS:  A venue to promote Christian love and respect.  To better understand our value in the ministry of the church.  To better understand and be challenged to offer abilities we do have in the service to our Lord, though limited in certain areas.


An example in leadership (Titus 2:2 and 3:1-2)

Youger Christian men and women and even children show a measure of respect to us because of our age.  We are unquely qualified to be a guiding light and encouragement to our family, church, and community.  To show by our lifestyles and testimony that serving our Lord and Saviour has great and eternal value and rewards.